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Community Access Television

Who We Are

Community Access Television is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation authorized by the City of Erie to administer the public access channel on Time Warner Cable, Channel 2.

We are here to provide our community access to mass media. There is no other source of low-cost community programming that has the potential to reach as many people in Erie. Community Access Television gives people and organizations the tools that they need to get their unique messages across to their intended audiences.

What We Do

Community Access Television (CATV) allows individuals access to the tools of media production, training, the space and the channel to address the needs of this community. Access is provided through both individual and organizational membership levels. Once members join they can receive training in several different workshops. After they have been trained, members are able to reserve equipment and facilities and begin producing their own programs, with some additional assistance. Our staff then helps them with post-production that ranges from cable-casting on our station to uploading to their organization’s You Tube channel.

CATV empowers citizens of Erie County, assists them in elevating their career skills and provides a valuable outreach source.  The nonprofit community has also used CATV to its advantage in bringing local issues to the forefront of local dialog as well as a tool in building their own marketing materials.